For those that want something a little different, here's an old product with a new twist. A GFA Quiver with a Moosehide covered hood. Covered with brown dyed Top Grain Moose hide.

Fred will sign each quiver making it a collectible piece of equipment. This Autographed GFA quiver is being made exclusively for us and won't be available anywhere else.

Fred says,

I’ll start by saying that there are dozens of ways to setup, carry and use the GFA quiver. I recommend that you experiment and use the quiver as much as possible before you take it hunting. Use it stump shooting, on the 3-D range, or in any situation where you can wear the quiver and get accustomed to it. I’ve used the quiver most of the time for the last 25 + years, whether I was hunting on the ground, or in a tree, and even though I’ve probably tried just about everything ever made for carrying arrows, I have found nothing that works as well. I think, like me, you’ll find it to be an extremely versatile quiver.

Besides the length of the shoulder sling, there are adjustments with the arrow gripper, and with the attachments on the center rod. The closer the arrow gripper is to the hood, the more room your feathers will have, and the farther down the center rod you move the arrow gripper, the closer they’ll be. You can move the shoulder sling up and down the center rod by simply loosening the socket head. If you want to move one strap below the arrow gripper, you’ll have to loosen the socket head on the arrow gripper and take it off in order to slide the center rod attachments off.

I wear my quiver on my right side, usually up as close to my arm pit as comfortable. In that way my arm holds the quiver against my ribs and it doesn’t move at all. Some folks prefer the quiver down near their waist, some slide it all the way around behind their back, with the feathers pointing up and the hood down near the waist. One friend wears his on his left side with the shoulder sling extended all the way, with his feathers pointing forward. Different...

It seems to me the longer the shoulder sling,

the more the quiver moves around as you walk.

The sling is instantly adjustable. Put your thumb under the little tab on the top of the buckle and lift it slightly while pulling on the strapping and it moves up or down quicker than I can tell you about it.

The arrow grippers are somewhat adjustable by tightening and loosening the small screws and lock-nuts on the plate. You may need to trim the rubber a little. There are two size bigger, one smaller. Carbons or small diameter aluminum may need the smaller gripper. We have both in stock.

Remove arrows by putting the first finger on the shaft on one side of the arrow gripper and the second finger on the other side. My thumb goes against the rubber. Lift upward. Practice it a little and you’ll find it very fast.


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