I just received my new Nebo Redline today and I am as happy as a strutting buck on a frosty November morning.

Thank you so very much. I think I will be enjoying this light for a long time to come. If you happen to have a mailing list I would love to be included on it.



The Nebo SE Redline #5615 features many improvements over the first generation Nebo Redline.

1.) It now features 250 lumens, which is only 30 lumens more than the first generation Redline, but it makes a big difference!

2.) Primary and secondary lighting modes.  Push the button down once to activate the primary lighting mode (250 lumens).  Hold down the on/off button for three seconds to activate the secondary lighting mode (125 lumens, 25 lumens, S.O.S and strobe), then use the soft touch to toggle through the functions.

3.) Low battery warning.  When battery life drops to 20% the red ring will glow to indicate a low battery level

4.) Thicker body.  At 1.5" in width the SE Redline has a slightly thicker body, which makes the flashlight easier to hold in your hand.

5.) Steel belt clip.

In addition to these upgrades the Nebo SE Redline also features all the standard features of the first generation model.  These include, glow-in-the-dark power button, magnetic base for hands-free lighting, aggressive self defense head, heat-sink bezel distributes heat during extended periods of use, 4x light adjusts from flood to spotlight, bulb rated for 110,000 hours of use, convex lens distributes light evenly without dull or dark spots.

The Nebo SE Redline requires three AAA batteries (included).  Runtime varies based on the function being used.

100% - 4 hours of continuous runtime
50% - 8 hours of continuous runtime
10% - 15 hours of continuous runtime
S.O.S - 72 hours of continuous runtime
Strobe - 72 hours of continuous runtime

Ron says,

For over 60 years I've been tromping the woods and fields with bow and gun. In that time period equipment has improved greatly. One of the necessity's that are a must for a woodsman besides his knife and a  compass is a good light to guide you back to camp after dark, or to trail a wounded animal. I've carried a variety of flashlights over the years ranging from a 2 cell light powered by D size batteries to the latest compact flashlights with batteries that cost as much as dinner and a movie for two. I recall many years ago when the batteries in my big 6 cell Mag light gave out when I was trailing a buck through a cedar swamp in Michigan's U P. I had to leave the trail and return to camp for more batteries. I didn't carry extra batteries because 6 extra D cell's were too heavy to tote around.

I recently found a light that I think I'll be carrying for many years to come...or at least until they come up with a light that is even better than this one. The NEW RedLine #5615 by NEBO has it over any other light that I've tried to's reasonably priced, takes 3 inexpensive AAA batteries, has a very bright 250 Lumens, adjustable beam with the capability to reduce power for extended battery life. These are just a few of the features of this great light.

I've already had the opportunity to use this light this spring during turkey season and I was very pleased with it's performance. I'm looking forward to having it with me this fall during deer season. I'm sure it's really going to "SHINE"

Suggested retail for the RedLine is $39.99




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