Wool Longhunter Shirts / Hoods / Belts

There's no doubt when it comes to clothing for hunting, there's nothing more traditional or warmer than wool. I've been a big fan of wool for over 30 years, especially in cold wet weather.

In the early 1970's I was on a black powder hunt for elk in Montana. We were tent camping in the mountains and got caught in an early snow storm. My partner who was hunting in jeans and a light jacket was wet and cold most of the time. I had wool pants and shirts and stayed warm and dry. That experience taught me an important lesson on the benefit of wool and I've never been on a hunt without my wool since that time.

The Longhunter shirts are made in the traditional long pullover style. The length of this shirt will keep you warmer than a shorter version because it covers more of your body. It can be worn loosely or with a belt or sash. The belt is handy for carrying your knife, hawk and belt pouch.

The Longhunter shirt comes in two weights and 2 colors.

The Gray and Tamarack shirts are made from heavy weight blanket wool.

"Recommended cleaning is HAND wash in cold water and hang dry, or dry clean. DO NOT put a shirt in the washer or dryer."

Gray Wool, Sm,md. lg. xl. $65.00 ADD $5.00 for XXLg
Pattern may vary.

Tamarack  Green  Wool, Sm,md. lg. xl. $65.00 Add $5.00 for XXLg

Hoods. Gray, Green,...$39.95

Shipping on all shirts $9.00


Wool Sashes: 

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